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Have your own backyard Easter egg hunt with no work!

If there is no Easter egg hunt in your area or you missed, here is the next best thing so you kids don't miss out on this tradition of childhood. Only behind Christmas and Halloween in many children's minds, this holiday event is easy to do in your own backyard, a local park or even inside your home.

Here's the simple step-by-step to a Home Easter Egg Hunt and where to get the supplies:

Step 1 - Get supplies

Here's what you need:

  • Plastic Easter eggs
  • Your children's favorite candies. Note: it is dangerous to get your own favorite candies, as after Easter you may eat them all and gain weight! ����

If you are pressed for time, you can get plastic eggs that are already filled  with candy.  See the online sources below that will deliver, even overnight.

Step 2 - Fill the eggs with candy.

Pretty straightforward. Even easier if you get them prefilled.  Stick to individually wrapped candies, unless want to risk finding ants in the house, or melted sticky candy in your furniture or other hiding places.

Step 3 - Hide the eggs

Wait until just before the hunt, especially if it is outdoors. Dogs, raccoons and rain can otherwise ruin them. If you are hiding them indoors, you might want to keep a written note of the locations where you hid the eggs, so you can retrieve the ones the kids don't find. Finding a 3 month old Reese's cup in your sofa on a hot summer day, or worse yet, having your dog find it, can be messy.

Step 4 - Let the children loose!

Pretty simple. I blow a horn and off they go.

Fun tip: I demand 15% of the take.  It teaches them about taxation and the unfairness of life (Just joking!!!)


Prefilled Easter eggs; just scatter them and call the kids!

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