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How to Blow Easter Eggs to Decorate!

Blowing, or emptying a chicken egg, while leaving the shell intact is fun an easy and creates a shell that can be decorated and kept for years. As long as you are gentle with it. Goose, duck and hens' eggs can be "blown"; making a small pin hole both ends of the raw egg and the contents are blown out. The egg is then decorated: dyed, painted, carved, appliqued, etc.  Here's how to do it!

How to blow out an egg - to “empty” eggs

  1. Use a pin, needle or small nailto make a hole in the wide end of a raw egg.
  2. Wiggle the needle around to gently make the hole a bit bigger. The hole should be just under ¼ ” across, or about 2/3 the size of a pencil eraser. This is the hole through which the egg's contents will come out.
  3. Make a smaller hole in the opposite end of the egg. The hole can be barely larger than the pin, as we will blow air in this end.
  4.  Insert the needle far into the egg and wiggle it about to break the yolk (this makes it much easier to remove the egg, as the yolk has its own membrane).
  5. Press your lips against the small hole and blow (hard) into the small hole to remove the egg yolk and egg white into a large bowl. Hold the egg close to the bowl (or the contents will go everywhere!
  6. When the egg is emptied, gently run water into the eggshell, and gently shake and drain it, to rinse the insides out.  Allow the egg shell to try and you are ready to decorate it.


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