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There are always Easter Egg hunt events I just haven't heard about. I've tried to make the form as easy and brief as possible!  Please tell me what you know about it here!  

If you want to comment or provide feedback about a event that is ALREADY listed on the website, please use the Feedback form instead.

 Otherwise, just tell me what you know about the event here, and I'll try to find them! Anything you can tell me is helpful!

If your organization also offers other activities to the public, like a pumpkin patch, Christmas trees, a consignment sale, U-pick, a farm market, weddings venue, etc, use this form instead - it will get all of your operations listed at once to 20 websites.

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Easter egg hunt (for children)
Drive thru Easter egg hunt (inherently low or no-contact)
Easter egg hunt (for adults)
Church service followed by Easter egg hunt
Helicopter egg drop
Flashlight egg hunt
Scavenger hunt (inherently low or no-contact)
Aquatic Easter egg hunt
Easter train ride
Easter trail (inherently low or no-contact)
Virtual Easter egg hunt activities for 2021

If preregistration or registration is required:
Preregistration (online or at the event) is required
Online preregistration is required
Online preregistration is recommended (not required)
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Other activities
Easter Festival (no egg hunt)
Easter Festival (with an egg hunt - check egg hunt above, also)

Pancake breakfast with the bunny
Breakfast with the bunny
Pancake breakfast (no bunny)
The Easter bunny will make an appearance  
Photos with the Easter Bunny  
Inflatables, bounce houses, etc.
Children's crafts
Face painting
Children's music and storytelling
Food trucks will be present 
Vendors will be present 
Held indoors in bad weather
Postponed in bad weather (explain when/where in the comments section) 
Cancelled in bad weather
FREE event
There is a fee for this event (include it in the text area below)
Bring a basket to collect the eggs!
Baskets are provided  
Other activities, activities and products not listed above
Event date:
The event is cancelled for this year; should return next year (2025)
Friday, 15 March 2024
Saturday, 16 March 2024
Sunday, 17 March 2024
Friday, 22 March 2024
Saturday, 23 March 2024
Sunday, 24 March 2024
Good Friday, 29 March 2024
Saturday, 30 March 2024
Easter Sunday, 31 March 2024
Easter Monday, 1 April 2024
Multiple dates: It will say, "see our website or Facebook page"
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The event's TIME:
from 10 am to 1 pm, the hunt starts promptly at 11 am. 

Amenities and Payment options: (click on any that they have or apply!)

restrooms   porta-potties  
Food or concessions  
pony rides  petting zoo  farm animals 

Payment Options:

Free no payments needed for the hunt   
The hunt is free, some vendors or concessions may have fees   
Cash    Cheque   
Debit card  Visa or MasterCard    Discover   AmEx  
PayPal  ApplePay  AndroidPay Venmo
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